Dalmain Primary, Lewisham

"Since starting to work with Literacy Tree, the standards of writing have soared at Dalmain Primary School. Children absolutely love the range of writing opportunities available through this book-based approach, and numerous parents and carers have commented on their child’s increased love of writing, improved vocabulary and depth of comprehension. Because the texts are so engaging, children (and adults!) are quickly drawn into a wonderful literary world where language can be explored and manipulated, and individual creativity can be cultivated through purposeful writing opportunities. 

“There is clear evidence of rapid progress being made in writing.” Feedback from a local authority review after using Literacy Tree for 5 months.

Additionally, staff have benefitted enormously from individualised consultant support and the age specific training offered across the year. These professional development opportunities have upskilled and empowered staff to plan for the needs of each child, resulting in exceptional progress being made by all in an impressively short space of time. The excellent planning sequences can easily be adapted thus ensuring that teachers still have the freedom to plan creative and stimulating lessons while knowing that all objectives are being thoroughly covered across each genre. 

“This was an extremely useful course that included lots of practical advice and resources presented in an engaging and flexible way. Literacy Tree develops children’s writing but, more importantly, enthuses them as readers and writers.” Teacher feedback from a training day.

The approach adopted by Literacy Tree has ignited a passion for writing across our community, transformed our English provision and raised the standards of writing in all key stages.  We cannot thank you enough!"

Erika Eisele



Picture is of our Writer's Laureate display in our shared entrance

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