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If you cannot find a membership which suits the size of your school, please get in touch with us directly.

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£ 795.00

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Licences: 30

£ 995.00

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Ideal for occasional users, FREE Basic Membership entitles you to  purchase and access all Writing Roots and book places on training sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Individual Membership

Ideal for regular users, Individual Membership entitles you to one token each month, which you can exchange for any Writing Roots, Spelling Seed, Literary Leaf or Home Learning Branch. You can also purchase any number of additional sequences, whenever you need them and you'll have the option to purchase up to an additional two tokens every month too. If you’re a first-time member, you’ll also receive a bonus token on registration. Individual Membership is £3.99/month with a minimum 3 month term. Each additional token costs £3.99.


Best Value
Free Individual Account Individual
Membership (Three month minimum term)
School Memberships
Access to Writing Roots
Pay per resource

1 token per month
- Bonus sign up token!

- Purchase up to 2
additional tokens per month
Access to Literary Leaves
Access to Spelling Seeds
Access to Home Learning Branches
Access to Learning Logs
Access to Whole School and Catch-up resources
Access to Literacy Tree App Access to RATE unavaliable
Access to Work Samples Availiable once purchased Availiable once purchased
Access to 15% off book ordering through ‘Tales on Moon Lane’
Access to RATE (Recording and Assessment Tool for English)
Access to coverage and progression documents
Access to editable curriculum maps
Access to teacher toolkits
20% Discount off all Literacy Tree training places
Free place on termly subject leader's training
Access to free online planning surgeries
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