Advisory Panels

Advisory Panels

Our three panels are made up of teachers with the experience to guide and inform us to help us to ensure our chosen texts meet standards of inclusivity and authenticity in terms of representation of cultures and communities. Our advisory panels are used to provide advice and guidance in a non-executive function and are a non-decision making forum. The three panels are as follows:


Race & Cultures Representation Panel

Donny Morrison, Senior Literacy Consultant, Literacy Tree (Chair)

Karla Edwards, Executive English Lead, Phoenix Federation, Lewisham

Abbey Kershaw, Y6 Teacher, Worsborough Common, Barnsley

Tania Findlay MBE, Deputy Head, Newquay Junior Academy, Cornwall

Joanna Leru, Reading Lead, Ditcheat Primary School, East Somerset

Lindsay King, English Lead, Dulwich Village Infants School, Southwark

Deepti Grover, Diversity & Equality Lead, Allfarthing School, Wandsworth

Michael Ford, Y3 Teacher, Harris Primary Free School, Peckham

Sarah Johnson-Motyl, Head of School, Wellington Eagles Primary Academy, Wiltshire

Esther Tsz Wing Ng, Y1 Teacher, St. Saviour's C.E. Primary School, Little Venice


LGBTQ+ Representation Panel

Anthony Legon, Co-CEO and Co-founder, Literacy Tree (Chair)

Jade Murray, Sheringham Community Primary School, Norfolk

Ed Lockwood-Wells, Albemarle Primary School, Wandsworth

Dan Taylor, Assistant Head, Yew Tree Academy, Knowsley

Lucy Badminton, The Proud Trust – LGBT+ Youth Charity, Manchester


Disabilities, SEND and Neuro-Diversity Representation Panel

Pippa McGeoch, Senior Consultant, Literacy Tree (Chair)

Emmalene Greene, Singleton School

Siobhan Casey, Coppettswood Primary, Barnet

Donna Williams, Tubbenden SOLA MAT, Orpington

Olaus McLeod, Teacher, WAVE MAT, Devon

Joe Barnes-Moran, Deputy Head, St Luke’s CE Primary School, Oldham

Unnisa Shafiq, Specialist, Whitley Park School, Reading

Courtney Simpson, Senior Leader, St Johns C of E, Surrey


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