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Book status: The book for this planning sequence is currently reprinting or out of print and therefore not in stock at most booksellers. If you do not already own the book, we would recommend this planning sequence as an alternative:

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A Literary Leaf for Ada Twist and the Perilous Pantaloons


KS: Lower KS2, R & KS1

Year Group: Year 2

Literary Theme: Utopia vs. Dystopia

Author(s): Andrea Beatty

Overview and Outcomes:

This is a 12-session Literary Leaf for the short story, Ada Twist which we recommend is used at the end of Y2 as it has lots of Y3 coverage within. It starts with some questions and predictions before looking at some of the scientific knowledge and concepts presented within the text. All the questions and activities help children to make links and inferences which they use to predict at various points within the text.

Synopsis of Text:

We chose this book for a literary leaf as we adore Ada Twist and couldn't wait to delve into these new adventures. 

In Ada Twist and the Perilous Pants, Ada must rely on her curious mind, her brave spirit, and her best pals Rosie Revere and Iggy Peck to solve a mystery in her own backyard. 
Ada Twist is full of questions. A scientist to her very core, Ada asks why again and again. One question always leads to another until she’s off on a journey of discovery! When Rosie Revere’s Uncle Ned gets a little carried away wearing his famous helium pants, it’s up to Ada and friends to chase him down. As Uncle Ned floats farther and farther away, Ada starts asking lots of questions: How high can a balloon float? Is it possible for Uncle Ned to float into outer space? And what’s the best plan for getting him down?


Scientists, women in science

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