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A Writing Root for Frindleswylde


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KS: Lower KS2

Year Group: Year 4

Literary Theme: Darkness & Light

Author(s): Natalia O'Hara and Lauren O'Hara


Letters, voting slips, dialogue, poetry, birds-eye view descriptions, persuasive speeches

Main Outcome:

Narrative sequel


16 session, 3+ weeks

Overview and Outcomes:

This is a three-week Writing Root for Frindleswylde (Frin-duls-wild) by Natalia and Lauren O’Hara. Children begin by entering the classroom to find a mysterious crown symbol and message left in 'ice' on the window. After developing their prediction and inference skills through discussing who could have left the message, children begin exploring the characters, settings and plot of the story. They will write messages in role to Granny to describe what Frindleswylde has done to the cottage and take part in a decision alley to help Cora decide whether she should follow him through the ice pond to the world below. They explore the author’s use of figurative language and develop this to write poetry. As they continue the adventure into the frozen kingdom, children will practice how to show feelings through dialogue and write birds-eye view descriptions in role as the stork. Stepping into Frindleswylde’s frosty boots, they will write persuasive speeches using figurative language to convince Cora to stay with him. Finally, after unpicking the themes of the narrative, children will plan and write their own sequel – Frindleswylde Returns.

Synopsis of Text:

When the mysterious boy Frindleswylde enters Cora and Grandma's house in the woods, he steals the light from their lantern. Without it, Grandma will not be able to return home after work in the dark. Cora is determined to get the lantern back, but first she must follow Frindleswylde down a hole in the pond that leads to his magical frozen kingdom, where he sets her three Impossible Tasks.  Frindleswylde is a wintry classic in the making...

Text Rationale:

This wintry fable is reminiscent of traditional fairy tales such as The Snow Queen featuring a cast of characters children will easily engage with.  Although a picture book, the story is longer in length and complex in its plot which will create high levels of engagement and help develop stamina for reading.  Filled with enchanting language and gripping twists and turns, the story will be sure to generate much opportunity for classroom conversation.

Links and themes:

Winter, ice, frozen, magic, fairy tales, dilemmas, consequences

Date written: December 2022

A Spelling Seed is available for Frindleswylde.

Spelling Seed Overview:


This is a three-session spelling seed for the book Frindleswylde by Lauren O'Hara and Natalia O'Hara.  Below is the coverage from Appendix 1 of the National Curriculum 2014.

Spelling Seeds have been designed to complement Writing Roots by providing weekly, contextualised sequences of sessions for the teaching of spelling that include open-ended investigations and opportunities to practise and apply within meaningful and purposeful contexts, linked (where relevant) to other areas of the curriculum and a suggestion of how to extend the investigation into home learning.

There is a Spelling Seed session for every week of the associated Writing Root.


Word List Words

believe, heart, imagine, possession, promise, reign, return

Spelling Rules and Patterns

Words ending with the /g/ sound spelt -gue and the /k/ sound spelt -que

Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to polysyllabic words

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