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A Literary Leaf for After the Fall


KS: R & KS1

Year Group: Year 2

Literary Theme: A Twist in the Tale

Author(s): Dan Santat

Overview and Outcomes:

This is a 15-session Literary Leaf for After the Fall by Dan Santat, covering all aspects of the Key Stage 1 content domain. We thought it perfect for a Literary Leaf because of the opportunity to make comparisons between this compelling sequel and the original nursery rhyme.  Children will return to the original and consider what happened next - did he get up? Or was that the end?  Following Humpty on his quest to regain his confidence and overcome his newly developed fear of heights, children will explore the author's use of vocabulary to retrieve and infer, sequence events in order and analyse the illustrator's use of colour to tell parts of the story.  The leaf culminates in children expressing their likes, dislikes, puzzles and connections about the text before creating an advertisement to publicise it to others.  

Synopsis of Text:

This is a delightful sequel to a traditional tale, narrated by Humpty Dumpty himself. Humpty is – understandably – afraid of heights following his ‘great’ fall. He can’t see anything great about what happened to him and now he’s too afraid to sleep in his bunk bed; too afraid to reach his favourite breakfast cereals from the top shelves in the supermarket and, worst of all, he’s too afraid to climb back up to his favourite bird-spotting vantage point. Humpty overcomes this fear – of course he does – but things perhaps don't end in quite the way one might expect. A perfect humorous sequel to a well-loved nursery rhyme.


Nursery rhyme, sequel, confidence

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