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A Writing Root for Wolves

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KS: R & KS1

Year Group: Year 2

Literary Theme: A Twist in the Tale

Author(s): Emily Gravett


Captions, information writing, character descriptions and comparisons

Main Outcome:

Non-chronological leaflet


15 sessions, 3 weeks

Overview and Outcomes:

This is a three-week Writing Root in which children receive a letter from the library to say that a book they borrowed is now overdue (this is the letter found at the back of ‘Wolves’). Taking the book back to the library, they meet a fairytale character (adult in role), either Goldilocks or one of the three little pigs. The character explains that there are all sorts of ‘rumours’ flying around about wolves. Some people are saying they are good, others saying they are bad. The character asks children to help them find out what is fact and what is fiction and if they can create a leaflet that will educate the townsfolk about wolves so that they can keep safe. There is also an additional phonics focus: Revision of /aw/ phoneme, e.g. claws, jaws and learning alternative spellings of known phonemes, e.g. /oo/ spelt ‘o’, e.g. wolves/wolf.

Synopsis of Text:

Rabbit borrows a book about wolves from the library. Straightforward enough. But it's not long before a sinister figure with sharp claws and a bushy tail starts to creep right off the pages. You won't believe your eyes – especially if you're a rabbit.

Text Rationale:

This humorous text is a wonderful way to encourage children to think about the differences between fiction and non-fiction. Rabbit takes a book out of the library which explores facts about wolves…meanwhile, a fairy tale wolf is lurking hungrily in the background. This can open up discussion with children about what is real and what might not be so real. Links to science can be made, focussing on animals, habitats and food chains. Emily Gravett is a significant author/illustrator who has won the Kate Greenaway Award for illustration.

Links and themes:

Habitats, wolves, wolf, rabbits, species, science, animals, fact and fiction

Date written: April 2014

A Spelling Seed is available for Wolves.

Spelling Seed Overview:


This is a three-session spelling seed for the book Wolves by Emily Gravett.  Below is the coverage from Appendix 1 of the National Curriculum 2014.

Spelling Seeds have been designed to complement Writing Roots by providing weekly, contextualised sequences of sessions for the teaching of spelling that include open-ended investigations and opportunities to practise and apply within meaningful and purposeful contexts, linked (where relevant) to other areas of the curriculum and a suggestion of how to extend the investigation into home learning.

There is a Spelling Seed session for every week of the associated Writing Root.


Common Exception Words

because, class, cold, could, eye, fast, many, most, steak, sure

Spelling Rules and Patterns

Adding –es to nouns and verbs ending in –y

Words ending in –tion

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