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A Literary Leaf for The Story of Titanic for Children


KS: Upper KS2

Year Group: Year 5

Literary Theme: Lessons From History

Overview and Outcomes:

This is a 15-session Literary Leaf for The Story of Titanic for Children by Joe Fullman. This Literary Leaf covers all aspects of the Key Stage 2 content domain and offers many rich opportunities for children to learn about not only the real events, in chronological order, of the sinking of this great ship but also about the people involved - either directly or indirectly - and their stories. The book itself combines effective, vocabulary-rich text and photographs as well as newspaper reports, leaflets and artistic impressions of the ship. The Literary Leaf begins with children examining the front cover and the teacher explaining that we are going to tap into the children’s ‘mental model’ of this text-type by saying what they see, exploring vocabulary and so on. Children then share the introduction before reading the glossary by way of pre-teaching some vocabulary. In addition to developing retrieval, inference and critical reading skills in general, the children also have opportunities to summarise, explore vocabulary in context and examine idiomatic language related to The Titanic.

Synopsis of text:

Explore the beautiful sundecks, marvel at the luxurious design and relive the tragic sinking of the world's most famous ship with The Story of the Titanic for Children.

Over one hundred years on, the captivating story of the Titanic has lost none of its appeal. This stunning book explores real-life stories and little known facts that will absorb young readers. Beautiful images and bite-sized information bring the Titanic to life, from its construction to the victims and survivors after its tragic sinking. Filled with amazing facts and details giving insights into the 'unsinkable' ship, The Story of the Titanic for Children will satisfy even the most curious minds.


Titanic, Edwardians, Victorians, Oceans

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